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Hiring a Mobile Auto Mechanic in Orlando

Mobile auto mechanic services are most useful in many circumstances such as when you need to fix your car at home or on the side of the road. Hiring a local mobile auto mechanic in Orlando, Fl, will give you the convenience of having the mechanic travel to you instead of you taking the car to the auto shop. For this reason, a mobile auto mechanic in Orlando, Fl, is the best solution for your car problem as it can save your money and time. A mobile auto mechanic understands well how stuck you are without your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about being without it. The mobile auto mechanic will just come to your place, whatever is your home, your garage, or on the side of the road. You just have to call us and we’ll send a mobile auto mechanic in the timeliest manner. However, you need to be aware of mobile mechanic scams.

Avoid Mobile Mechanic Scams
There are several mistakes people make when they are looking to hire a mobile car mechanic and we will advise you here how to avoid them:Do not pay for parts before the job is done. It is not recommended to pay a mobile mechanic before the job is done. We have many clients who have complained about paying some mobile mechanic they just met a few hundred dollars for auto parts but the mechanic never came back.

Don’t Hire a Backyard Mechanic
Fixing cars is a complicated task that is better to be left to real professionals. If you hire a backyard mechanic he may not be prepared to finish the job. There are many people who give themselves the title of  a so called mobile auto mechanic qualified only to fix car brake systems or to change your oil, but they may be willing to take on challenges beyond their competencies. If an unqualified mechanic is trying to change your head gaskets, how can he tighten your head bolts to the right torque if he does not have experience and access to the right data? Does he have the right tools for the job? Do not agree to have someone doing more than they were prepared.

Don’t Hire Fly By Night Mobile Mechanics
There are some real mobile mechanics who use craigslist ads because they generate business and they are free, but usually these mechanics have their own website as well. They also can accept credit cards and this is another sign that they have a legitimate business. A professional mechanic will also show up with the right tools for the job.

Mobile Auto Mechanic OrlandoA professional mobile auto mechanic will offer warranty. Warranty may vary from company to company and also depends on the part of the car being fixed. Some brake pads may be come with life warranty, while some parts may have only a 90 day warranty.

Do not pay by the hour. Of course, an experienced mechanic may need less time to perform the same job versus someone inexperienced, but in general each auto repair job can take a specific amount of time. If the job is taking longer that shouldn’t end up costing you extra. For this reason never accept to pay for mobile car mechanics by the hour and pay only by the job instead.

Always ask for the ASE Certification. ASE Certification is the most common, but there are also other certifications as well. ASE certifies professional mechanics at national level. It is also recommended to research online reviews before deciding whom to hire.

Mobile Auto Mechanic Orlando, FL

You can count on our company as being a reputable and reliable one. Our customer reviews are a testimony to our quality work. We accept Mastercard and Visa and proudly servicing most of the areas in Orlando and the surrounding region.

Here are some reasons why our clients are always content:

  • No waiting in auto shop
  • We come to you
  • We are reliable, fast, and professional
  • We fix all types of vehicles, no matter the make and model
  • We are less expensive than traditional auto repair shops
  • All our work is guaranteed

Our mobile car mechanic performs maintenance and repair in almost any safe location where your vehicle is parked. We respond to any service call in a timely manner and you no longer have to cancel any other commitment appointment or schedule time off from your job over some car issues. If your car won’t start, or you experience issues with car accessories, abs lights, air bag lights, air filters, air conditioning, heating and cooling, overheating, air intake, dead battery, alternator, brakes, belts, timing belts, carburator, exhaust system, emission control, fuel system, ignition, check engine lights, engine repair, engine diagnosis, tune up, oil change, lubrication, water pumps, transmission, steering and suspension, or sensor diagnosis, we, the best mobile auto mechanic Orlando has to offer, can help you no matter your car make and model.

When you hire a mobile mechanic it is important that you check their credentials to make sure they are qualified and possess the correct business licenses before they begin working on your vehicle.