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How to avoid being ripped off by a mobile mechanic

 Having a mobile mechanic help you to get that car fixed can be very helpful, but not all mobile mechanics can help you. In fact, a lot of them may try to rip you off and make more cash off of you. There are definitely legit mobile mechanics who will help you, but with the amounts of mechanics who will try to make as much cash off of you, it can be hard to know when they are recommending something you really need.



Following steps can be taken to avoid  being ripped-off by a mobile mechanic:

 Ask Friends And Family For Reputable Mobile Mechanics

When you’re in a time of need of having your car get fixed and you need hire a mobile mechanic, call a friend of yours for advice. Usually they should be able to recommend somebody who knows exactly what they are doing and won’t rip you off with unnecessary repairs.

 Read Your User Manual For Your Car

Read through your user manual. You don’t even need to know about how it is to repair, but understanding what is working and what should be happening with your car can go a long way to know what you need when an emergency happens. When the mechanic starts charging you for random repair work, at least you can be able to say that you do know what the car needs most. Some people don’t even know how to open up their hood. Just a few minutes to read how a car works can go a long way.

Ask A LOT QuestionsHow to avoid being ripped off by a mobile mechanic

Ask plenty of questions to your mechanic. Ask them if you do need that expensive repair work next time, and if you could only get the required emergency repair work done for the day. You can find out exactly whether they are lying or not if they say the words, “I guess we can skip that for now.” You are the one paying, so don’t be afraid to say that you just can’t spend that much on your car. Of course, that isn’t always easy to say, but by bothering them, you’ll come to find that they’ll skip some of the repair work later on.

Enroll In A Basic Mechanic Class

Try to take a class or two about basic cars. If you don’t want to read the manual because you’re not too sure you’ll understand it, you’ll be able to get everything down by enrolling in a basic class. Educate yourself in any way you can.


Nothing is more annoying than to have a mobile mechanic help fix one or two wires that are able to get you home, but after two or three days, they break again. This is why asking for a warranty if possible is worth it because they should be able to provide you with a free opportunity if something wrong happens.

There are countless people who are getting ripped off from mobile mechanics, and since an emergency does happen on the street, they can suck out hundreds of dollars in cash from people who are desperate to get their car back on track. The tips above should definitely help you on avoiding getting suckered into paying for useless repairs that you don’t even need.



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The best way to hire a mobile mechanic, is to seek references from friends and family
who have hired a mobile mechanic in the past.

When you hire a mobile mechanic it is important that you check their credentials to make sure they are qualified and possess the correct business licenses before they begin working on your vehicle.